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Whatever happened to Kevin Cullen?

I've worked in splendid isolation on the top floor of my house, my studio is a great size and its joined upstairs by a small bathroom and another good sized room. This secondary room had become the 'dump it in there' room and I'm ashamed to say it still had boxes unopened from when we moved into the house eight years previous. But all that has had to change. We have three children running around this house now and the 'spare' room needed sorting to become a bedroom and with that came some hard choices. Having read comics solidly since I was 14 and being somewhat of a hoarder I have a LOT of comics, books, magazines, art materials and just stuff. So much so that its taken about six months to clear through the piles of things in the spare room and come to a decision as to their fate, keep them, sell them, give them away or in the bin you go. Invariably one thing that slows the whole process down is that you keep rediscovering items you've been piling up a