2020 Desk Calendar

Every month I give my Patreon supporters a 'High Res' reward which most times is a digital download of a film print or piece of art. This month I figured on creating something a bit different and special for this last reward of the year. I thought it would be nice to get some desk calendars created for 2020 and send them off to various clients (old, new and potential) as a little gift with the added bonus of being a small reminder of my art throughout the year. My 'quick paintings' are always very popular and noting that I had more than enough paintings from a certain sci-fi franchise I decided to go for a Star Wars themed calendar.

I've had a very limited amount of A5 sized desk calendars produced ready to post out this month. Those supporters whose total contributions to my Patreon have exceeded $70 so far have had one of the calendars posted to them and all my other supporters have the opportunity to buy one at production costs only while stocks last. This isn't for public sale, purely just an added bonus for my supporters.

Also knowing that buying a calendar might not be feasible for some and with the limited amount of stock I have I decided to make the calendar available to download. My supporters can print out the pages at home on their own printer or take the file to their local printer and ask them to print it out and trim them to size. I gave it a go and then hung up the sheets using a bulldog clip and a pin, works a treat.

 You can discover more about my Patreon and download the 2020 desk calendar by clicking the link: www.patreon.com/GraemeNeilReid


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